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 I serve at the Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan in 2019 and that’s something I am passionate about. God willing next trip will be in Pakistan next year.

Dr. Aleena Riaz D.C is Chiropractic Physician who is from Pakistan and has been living in the U.S for eighteen years. Dr. Riaz has been in Clarksville, TN with her husband and her family for a year now.

Dr. Riaz completed bachelors in Psychology and Biology. After her ungrad studies she decided to pursue her chiropractic journey at Logan University. Dr. Riaz comes from a family of physicians and decided to pursue alternative medicine after she witnessed what Chiropractic was able to her her dad with his low back.

Dr. Riaz is an experienced doctor who has been efficiently diagnosing and adjusting all the ages from newborns to elderly. Dr. Riaz is fully trained and certified in several different chiropractic techniques but her adjusting style does include Thompson drop, Diversified and Activator.

Dr. Riaz is a humanitarian who had joined a medical mission trip in Jordan to serve the Syrian Refugees in 2019. She is planning on visiting Pakistan in 2023.